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In the EBI Project training and teacher development is of vital importance when new challenges appear in a digital society where creativity excels. Teacher competences must be made up of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to perfectly perform the huge responsibility to educate the future generations. Our formative portfolio shows you in detail the EBI System’s pedagogical framework and it helps increase teacher competence to making possible a truly personalized process of teaching. Because of this, our centers and teachers are recognized as real examples of innovation put into practice.



Lm1 Courses- Management Team


  1. Organization and Management of the Center
  2. Curriculum Map
  3. Assessment
  4. Personal Study Plan
  5. Personal Area Plan
  6. Student Portal

After completing the course, you will be capable of:

  • Supervise and coordinate activities programmed in the process of implanting the system in your educational center. Facilitate you with the necessary profile to execute.
  • Use the EBI platform as a tool to monitor all the information managed by different users.



LM2 Course- Teachers and Tutors


  1. Personalized Teaching
  2. Curriculum Map
  3. Student Diagnosis
  4. Personal Study Plan Management
  5. Personal Area Plan Management
  6. Student Portal

After completing the course, you will be capable of:

  • Participate in the design of the center´s curriculum map.
  • Promote the coordination of teaching activities and resources.
  • Use the platform monitor student, carry out personalized student evaluation, and establish necessary measures to improve their learning.


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