Implementation Services

Raise awareness, create emotions

STEP 1. Launch

  • Request a visit from our team: click here
  • Get the diagnosis from your center.
  • Community makes rhe decision, if you are aconvinced we will sign the cooperation agreement.

STEP 2. Training

  • The team responsible for the center will receive special training to lead the change. +Info
  • The rest of the teaching staff of the center will receive a blended learning training that will enable them for change in the classroom. +Info
  • After the training, we will create a work plan for customizing the teaching-learning in your school. +Info (pdf – Fundamentos de Proyecto EBI (pendiente))

STEP 3. Activating Platform

  • In the first phase, we will activate the licenses for all the teachers and in a second phase for all students and families.
  • We will configure the platform according to the organizational structure of the school, assigning user roles depending on the needs of the center.
  • Among all teachers, we will design the curricular map center.

STEP 4. Monitoring and Support

  • The design of an attractive curriculum map may take 2-3 school years, so monitoring and advising teachers will be continuous.
  • The use of the platform also implies the need for online support available to schools as part of our services.
  • Progress will be monitored annually and suggestion for improvement.