The Road to Innovation

Stimulate awareness, create emotions

The concept of “innovative education” goes back to the seventies, if we associate a series of articles published by UNESCO: How changes are made in education: a contribution to the study of innovation (Huberman, 1973), Time of innovation in education (UNESCO, 1975) and Innovation and educational problems. Theory and reality in developing countries (Havelock and Huberman, 1980).

However, the need to innovate inside the classroom gets its strength in Spain when we see the need to incorporate ICT into the classroom at the end of the decade of the nineties. The acceptance of technology by students is evaluated positively. However training deficiencies amongst teachers are presented as a very important factor of resistance. Nevertheless, in Spain a great effort to integrate technology into the system has been made. The latest reports from the OECD, 2012: Students, Computers, Learning (country note, Spain), do not show signs of improvement in the level of our students in reports such as PISA.

The conclusion is: ICT and some isolated experiences of innovative teachers are not generating real pedagogical change. A new educational framework is necessary, in order to combine efforts and involve all teachers.

The reflection of the entire educational community is needed and action-research methodology with teachers is a good option to boost the learning process of teachers and thereby  management change at schools.


Our commitment with the attention to diversity, inclusion, the pursuit of excellence and empowerment of personal talents, has the opportunity with the introduction of technology into the classrooms. The ICT allows us to personalize the teaching-learning process that we present to the centers as Lezama Method.

Supported by the thoughts and experiences of teachers in Santa María la Blanca we have identified the main features and differential value so that it can serve as a reference to other educational institutions wishing to change their reality.


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