Iruaritz-Lezama Foundation

Foundation aimed at training and development of the person in the world of work

The end of our foundation is the training and development of the individual in an educational and work force world. So we´ve grown over the years in the areas of education and research as a means to develop learning and to value human resources in which we firmly believe.

We promote change management from EBI Project because we understand the need to identify the particular needs of each center and adapt the model to different contexts.

The birth of this initiative lies in 2008 with the creation of Santa María la Blanca School in the neighborhood of Montecarmelo, Madrid. Our school has had a remarkable development in the past seven years and this course 2015-2016 we have more than 2,000 students at school.

EBI Project and Lezama Method are presented as facilitators of change in schools. And so he identified Dr. Andreas Schleicher, OCDE expert and coordinator of PISA, when in an earlier visit (April, 2014), he discovered how to eradicate the real issue where Spain achieved such poor results in different reports on international assessments.
Therefore, we feel responsible for spreading our experience and what we have learned over the years, so that other schools and teachers who share our love for education can apply it. It is up to the Government to ease their way, so we ask to analyze in detail the feasibility of the proposal in its region and contact us if they want to implement it.

EBI Schools


Santa María la blanca

Madrid – 28034

escuela de hosteleria

Escuela de Hostelería de Sevilla

41092 – Sevilla

ceip jose bergamin

CEIP José Bergamin

Madrid – 28034


CEIP Alarilla

Fuentidueña de tajo – 28034


Seminario Menor A Inmaculada School

Estrada Seminario, 18, 32002 Ourense


Hacer Creativo – Superior Design Center Zaragoza

Zaragoza – 50009


Follow Me School

Santo Domingo – República Dominicana