5th Innovative Education Forum

Climbing Change


  • Date: September 25, 2014
  • Place: Santa María la Blanca School / Plácido Domingo Auditorium
  • Summary:
    • Our fifth forum was held in the newly opened School Auditorium. It was an emotional meeting in which we wanted to present all our offers in the scalability mode.
      We have experts who gave us their visions from an international, national and regional perspective. On this occasion, Mr. Luis Lezama presentation was accompanied by Mr. Enrique V. Iglesias García, Ex Iberoamerican Secretary General, Mr. Ismael Sanz Labrador, Director of INEE and Mr. Pablo Hispán Iglesias de Ussel, D.G. Improvement of the Quality of Education of the Ministry Education of Madrid.
      After an initial analysis, we were able to join forces in a round table in which representatives of various institutions involved in education, including José Antonio Marina, philosopher, writer and Spanish teacher.
      At the same event, our guests enjoyed a tour of the classrooms in which students from different courses shared with them his vision of the school and its learning management.