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Lezama Method
Stimulate awareness, create emotions
Utilizamos la tecnología como parte del proceso educativo, un modelo integrador,
con planes de estudio personalizados, con autoplanificación del trabajo
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What is the EBI Project?

EBI Project is the bet of Iruaritz-Lezama Foundation for INNOVATION IN EDUCATION. This website is aimed at education professionals, parents and students who wish to transform their schools. We train teachers and give advice to team leaders so that a traditional school can become a 21st century learning community within 28-week timeframe. We invite you to come and discover the work that we are doing and take part in our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our YouTube channel. WELCOME!


The road to innovation

This is our understanding of the road to innovation, if you want our help in transforming your school, request information here. More info

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Success Story

Santa María

la Blanca School

Implementation services

A turnkey program aimed at schools in which a team of expert oversees all phases of the process from start to finish. This pedagogical and organizational management model involves the implementation of a series of systemized steps, which are both flexible and adaptable to the reality of each center. The end goal is for each school to become an efficient and inclusive center which caters to the individual needs of every student.

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The aim of our training program is to provide the skills to all members of the educational community (teachers, technical and administrative staff) in the effective use and development of the pedagogical model and technology platform through which it is managed. It is a practical and comprehensive training program adapted to the reality of each center.

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This is the software which manages our educational model. It consists of an academic management module developed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and a Web Portal designed in Office 365, through which students and families can consult their personalized plans and have full access to all online services (Outlook, SharePoint, Lync, Office Webs Apps, etc…).

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