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What is the EBI Project?




Who is targeted?

The EBI System is a pedagogical method that seeks to respond to the mission of the Iruaritz Lezama Foundation in its commitment to develop an educational model that implies a systemic improvement of the teaching-learning processes in school education.

It is based on the personalization of teaching, which seeks the understanding of the motivations, knowledge, and skills of each student, to achieve in each of them meaningful learning, that is, with a PERSONAL SENSE AND MEANING, and a growth that develops the maximum potential of each.


This website is aimed at education professionals, family members, and students. Here one may see the work we do in the EBI Centers, the training we give, and the advice to centers we offer to become an EBI Center.

The road to innovation

This is our understanding of the road to innovation, if you want our help in transforming your school, request information here. More info

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan is inspired by agile methodologies of technological development. In this approach the main factor of success are the people and the ability to involve the school from the beginning…

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Training Courses

With the aim of training all members of the educational community (teachers, technicians, and administrative) we offer practical training courses close to the reality of the EBI System for its use and exploitation. The training plan proposes 2 types of courses.

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EBI platform, is the tool in the virtual cloud that manages our pedagogical model. Innedu and the Iruaritz Lezama Foundation have developed the app that gives technological support to the EBI Methodology. This application has been developed on the Google Suite for Education API with the aim of….

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